Revival Food Hall: Your New Favorite Lunch Spot

If you’re visiting Chicago and want to try a little bit of everything, you can’t miss this.



One of my favorite aspects of travelling is trying local foods. This is especially true in Europe where there’s no shortage of markets or food halls. Here, you can have your choice of whatever local flavor you desire. Continue reading “Revival Food Hall: Your New Favorite Lunch Spot”

Where To Brunch In The Windy City – Part 1

“Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.” – Ron Swanson

We’re in the middle of winter and admittedly, I’ve hit a bit of a writing slump. The beautiful snow has left the city and all we’re left with is gloomy skies and below freezing temperatures. Yes, less than inspirational here.

Whenever I find it hard to sit down and write, I gravitate toward writing something I’m passionate about. There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than breakfast foods. Continue reading “Where To Brunch In The Windy City – Part 1”

How To Enjoy Chicago Without Risking Frostbite

After a long summer, the cold weather the city is known for is here. But that doesn’t mean you should enjoy your time any less!

Many of us didn’t see this coming. After all, it was a warmer than usual fall. Then, snow. A lot of it. Not to mention the below freezing temperatures you can anticipate for weeks to come.

Even those who have lived here for quite some time weren’t prepared to hibernate quite yet. This week, we’re seeing temperatures in the teens and a “feels like: in the single digits. Go for a stroll outside? No thank you. Continue reading “How To Enjoy Chicago Without Risking Frostbite”

A Q&A With Jetpack

In today’s guest post, the founder of Jetpack shares what he loves about Chicago & what he always forgets when traveling.

Deep Dish Note: We’re grateful to have Jeff, the founder of Jetpack, sharing with us on the blog today. He took some time to answer some of our questions about traveling in Chicago and how Jetpack is helping Airbnb guests everywhere.
Continue reading “A Q&A With Jetpack”

Excursions: Life In South Korea

Having lived abroad for almost 4 years, Chicago native Gina opens up about what life in South Korea is like.


Exploring is everything. And while Chicago might be a destination on many of your lists, The Deep Dish would like to help plan more of your travels. We’ll be getting the scoop on spots throughout the world and sharing some insider tips! Kicking off this series is Gina P, who discusses her life in South Korea. Continue reading “Excursions: Life In South Korea”

5 Jolly Holiday Events That Will Get You In The Christmas Sprit

The holidays are here! It’s best time to explore the city and feel the Christmas cheer. So save the date for these festive events!

While the weather may say differently, the holidays are just around the corner. If you can believe it, Thanksgiving is next week!

When people ask me when Chicago is at its best, I always enthusiastically say “Christmas!” That’s typically met with a few strange looks. However, it’s such a great time to be in the city! Continue reading “5 Jolly Holiday Events That Will Get You In The Christmas Sprit”