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A Local’s Take On All You Should See & Do In The Windy City.

This is a place for travelers, visitors and locals alike to get an idea of some cool things they can do in and around the city of Chicago. We’re not a lifestyle blog with the latest trends — we simply want to share all the city has to offer, whether you’re visiting for a few days or a few years.



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My name is Jaclyn. I was born and raised in the Midwest and moved to Chicago about nine years ago to attend Columbia College. I loved my time there and even more so, I loved the city it was in.


The other two cuties in the photo above are my husband, Keith, and our rescue pup, Sundae, my lifetime exploring pals. Keith moved here from New Jersey to attend Columbia as well, and it was there that we fell in love and went on to have one heck of a party for a wedding. Thankfully, he takes the same joy in traveling and exploring that I do.

Collectively, we’ve lived in various places throughout the Windy City, most recently moving from hip and trendy Wicker Park in January after a long stay there. Now, we’re living and loving our neighborhood of Portage Park.

So Why Are You Writing About It?

Great question! We became Airbnb hosts about three years ago and it’s been a great experience ever since. Most of our guests ask for recommendations, and we’re so happy to accommodate that we sometimes offer too many. I wanted a space to share without feeling terribly guilty that I just named 12 places to eat in a three-day stay and thus, the blog was born!

It’s been an interesting ride living in Chicago through a few different life stages, each one showing me something new about our hometown. There’s always something new and frankly, we’d just like to share the cool stuff we see and do so you can experience it, too!


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