Revival Food Hall: Your New Favorite Lunch Spot

If you’re visiting Chicago and want to try a little bit of everything, you can’t miss this.



One of my favorite aspects of travelling is trying local foods. This is especially true in Europe where there’s no shortage of markets or food halls. Here, you can have your choice of whatever local flavor you desire.

Upon returning from our last adventure to Copenhagen and Stockholm, I was longing to find something similar here. Truly, one of our favorite places we found on our trip was Copenhagen Street Foods where food vendors packed in together in a re-purposed warehouse, with all the best local options in one spot. We grabbed a drink at one stand and walked around until we found dinner… and then dessert. It was great.

When I looked into it, I found that Revival Food Hall was opening in Chicago this fall and knew I HAD TO try it out. It did not disappoint! It has become my new favorite spot for lunch, dinner and most recently, weekend brunch!

Located in the middle of the Loop, it’s an ideal location for anyone tourist-ing throughout the city or to meet up with your friends for happy hour. It’s hip vibes make it an ideal hang out spot. And after living in Chicago for almost 10 years, it certainly does have local flavor! I’m certainly thankful I don’t have to hunt down The Fat Shallot food truck every time I want one of their delicious Avocado BLT’s!

This won’t be the cheapest option you’ll find in the city, but if you’re downtown and want a tasty lunch for a decent price, it’s the place to go. If you’re visiting Chicago on limited time, this is a great place to try all the hottest places without travelling from neighborhood to neighborhood.

If the food wasn’t enough, you can also browse through a few records and on some evenings, there’s a live DJ.

Here’s a list of who you can find at Revival:

  • Aloha Poke Co.
  • Antique Taco

Pro Tip: Their mushroom taco should NOT be missed, but it’s not served on weekends.

  • Black Dog Gelato
  • Brown Bag Seafood Co.
  • The Budlong
  • Danke
  • The Fat Shallot
  • Farmer’s Fridge
  • Furious Spoon
  • Graze Kitchenette
  • Harvest Juicery
  • Mindy’s Hot Chocolate Bakery

Pro Tip: The hot chocolate is expensive, but oh. so. worth. It.

  • Revival Café & Bar
  • Smoque BBQ
  • Union Squared

If you’re looking for more good eats, check out Where To Eat Brunch In The Windy City – Part 1.

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