Your Guide To Cold Weather Hair Care

The cool weather is here & we’ll all be donning our plaid blanket scarves. But beware, your favorite fall look could be wrecking your hair.


As the weather starts to turn, it’s important to consider how you’ll care for your hair in the Windy City. If you’re travelling to Chicago this fall or winter, here’s a few pro tips to help your hairstyle.

All things pumpkin and spice are back! I mean what’s not to love about fall in Chicago? Soon, we’ll all be donning our plaid blanket scarves, carving pumpkins, and watching Halloweentown.  But beware, your favorite fall look could be wrecking your hair.

pasted-image-0We all love a cozy scarf; I mean, pair it with a poncho and it’s instant style, right?  Have you noticed how tangled your hair gets after wearing a scarf? Your hair at the nape of your neck is being pulled left and right and can actually break off. Or, add style to your basic pony by adding a chunky braid at the hairline.

Pro tip: Style your hair into a loose braid off to the side, this will minimize tangling the fragile hair and prevent breakage.

When there’s a chill in the morning air, we’ve all pressed the snooze button one too many times.  I know my bed feels the coziest right when I wake up.  Before you throw your hair into a quick top knot, think about the stress that puts on your hair.  Instead, gently finger comb the tangles out of your hair and tie it in a loose high pony.  Then, section the pony in four equal sections.  Loop each section into a roll and bobby pin to the base of your ponytail.  You can them spread the loops so they touch the one next to it and connect each loop together with a bobby pin.

It’s finally cool enough to not feel like the humidity will ruin a fab blowout.  You may be tempted to pull out your blow dryer and curling iron on a daily basis but be careful; heat styling can cause a lot of damage, especially when overdone  Gently remove tangles and apply a light styling cream.  Wrap ½” to 1” sections onto large foam rollers (Velcro can cause the hair to split).  Allow your hair to dry the rest of the way naturally.

Pro tip: Allow your hair to air dry 80% to 90%.

If you can’t wait for your hair to dry in the rollers, snap a diffuser onto your blow-dryer and set it to low heat/low air flow. Hover the dryer over each roller until it is warm to the touch and you no longer feel moisture.  Allow to cool and set with hairspray. Unroll and shake out to perfection!  For heat styling with a curling iron, wand, or flat iron, ensure you have an adequate heat protection product to put in your hair prior to styling.  Redken HotSets is a great option.

pasted-image-0-1We all love our PSL in the morning and a warm red wine at night.  However, if you’re consuming more caffeine or alcohol during the cooler months, you’re depriving your body of hydration which can affect the moisture in your hair.  So for every cup of coffee, or wine, drink a glass of water.  Your body and hair will thank you!

 Finally, if you’re trying to grow out your hair, you may notice it slow down this winter. That’s because the vitamin D you absorb from the summer sun can actually help your hair and nails grow slightly faster than the winter. However, i’m sure you’re tempted to skip your regular trim.  Resist the urge!

We’re called the Windy City for a couple of reasons, one obviously for gusts that will try to strip you naked on your commute to work.  Environmental damage from the sun, wind, and inconsistent temperatures can dehydrate your hair.  Drinking plenty of fluids, deep conditioning at home, and getting regular haircuts will ensure gorgeous hair year-round!

14390783_1694247180900909_4534855996185939762_nChristina has been a Chicago hairstylist for 6 years. She is also a Redken certified colorist and the owner of The White Owl Hair Studio in Park Ridge.  Follow her on Facebook for more great hair care tips!




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