The Scoop On Ice Cream In Chicago

After you’ve finished trying Chicago’s famous staples, like pizza & hot dogs, It’s time for dessert of course! Although you may be thinking differently after a slice or two of Pequods.

Ice cream may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about Chicago food, and that’s fair! It does take some looking around to find the good ones. Thankfully, we’ve put in the oh-so-hard work for you by checking out a few great ones to enjoy.

  1. Rainbow Cone, Beverly

Now  this may be a Chicago tradition. If you talk to my grandma, who used to live around the corner, she remembers the bright pink building on Western Ave when she was a kid! This southside ice cream shop is a tradition for many local Chicagoans.

So now you’re curious, why Rainbow Cone? Well, you get a “rainbow” of flavors: Orange Sherbet, Pistachio, Palmer House, Strawberry and Chocolate. Yes,  all on one cone and oh so delicous. Now you may be thinking those flavors are kind of strange and you’d like to get something else.

No. The answer is just no.

You go, you get the Rainbow Cone, you get the large (because you’re going to love it.)

  1. Margie’s Candies, Lakeview & Bucktown

Maybe’ I’m a bit sentimental about this spot, as it was one of the best dates my husband and I have ever been on when we were dating. But it’s easy to get sentimental here with the old time feel. The ice cream sundae’s here are served in a shell and dressed to the nines, perfect for sharing. Or not, no judgement here.

  1. Cone, West Loop

We stopped here for the first time last summer after searching all over the west loop for some ice cream, and I’m sure glad we did! Unique flavors scooped to perfection on top of, you guessed it, a unique cone. Last time I went, I had a chocolate dipped pretzel cone with a scoop of vanilla. More cone, please!

  1. Molly & Myles, Portage Park

When we lived in Wicker Park, we used to live down the street from a cute little neighborhood spot for a season. I swear, we were there every night. And then, it didn’t reopen. As ice cream aficionados, my husband and I were devastated. We’d get ice cream cravings we just didn’t know what to do with.

Now, as proud Portage Park residents, we’re lucky to live by the newly-opened Molly & Myles. Stop in for one of their “adult milkshakes” or go for a tasty waffle cone with flavors like toasted coconut or toffee bar. #blessed

  1. Scooter’s, Lakeview

Our dear friends introduced us to Scooter’s years ago and we’re smitten. If custard is your thing, Scooter’s is your place. The concrete of the month is always a win, with different variations depending on season or sporting event. Yum!

  1. The Chocolate Shoppe, Edgebrook

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Wisconsin-based Chocolate Shoppe for the first time very recently, and I only wish I had been sooner. You’re greeted by a mini cone to enjoy while you pick out what you’d like, and tons of ice cream samples to try. Best of all, the store is decorated for the theme, like they go all out! Currently, it’s election season décor because if there’s one thing both parties can agree on, it’s ice cream.

BONUS: Black Dog Gelato, Wicker Park

I didn’t want to add this to the official list, due to the debate over gelato vs. ice cream. However, the unique daily flavors make this a place to stop on your next trip to Chicago. Pro tip: It’s cash only, as all the great places are.


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