5 Ways To Say Goodbye To Summer In Chicago

Chicago summers are hot & sticky, but also a lot of fun! It’s not too late to do some last minute summer activities.

Fall is here and the reappearance of the pumpkin spice latte is proof. Summer is coming to a close! For us, it seems like it zipped by. However, I’m already embracing my scarves and cardigans as I see temperatures begin to inch closer to 60 degrees.

Recently, I read that Chicago is prepping for another bitterly cold winter. So it’s time to do a few say “so long” before hibernation season begins. Enjoy these few summer activities while they last!

1. Visit A Farmer’s Market

There’s nothing quite like picking up fresh produce and getting a tasty lunch out of it. Admittedly, I’ve been to very few Farmer’s Markets this year. However, if you’re going to do one before the weather turns, Logan Square Farmer’s Market is the place to go. It’s more of an event in itself. The final market is October 30, so stock up while you can!

2. Attend A Street Fest

At this point, many of the summer music festivals have now ended. But that doesn’t mean the fun ends there! There are plenty of street fests throughout the city in September & October. Renegade Craft Festival happens to be my fall fest of choice. The West Town Food Tuck Social is one you shouldn’t miss along with the Lakeview Taco Fest.

3. See A Movie In The Park

Movies In The Park is a budget-friendly and beautiful way to spend a Chicago evening. Grab a few snacks and a blanket or two and watch one of your favorites in one of the many parks around the city. There’s only a few left for the year. Check the list to see what’s playing near you.

4. Have A Picnic By The Lake

There’s no special event here. Winter is just a poor time to go to the lake, trust me. Soak up the beautiful views while you can. I highly recommend Foster Beach, Promontory Point, or the Museum Campus for a peaceful lakeside picnic!

5. Drink On A Rooftop

Before they close, enjoy a recently-returned happy hour special on a rooftop bar. Steeterville Social will give you great views in the middle of all the hustle & bustle. If you’re looking to get away a bit, Twisted Spoke is affordable and relaxing on a fall evening.

For more rooftop bar ideas, check out this list from Chicagoist.


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